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Who:  I graduated from the Opthalmic Technician Program at Seattle Central Community College in 1990.  I next completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington in 1992.  I have worked since then as an optician in Washington and California.  Mostly in dispensing clinics, but a litte in lens labs.  My greatest joy comes from assisting Doctors create a workable prescription for very low level sight patients, particularly children, and witnessing the delight of the client when I fit the final perscription and vision has returned.  My greatest frustration is the dayin dayout repetitive routine.  But I have found even the most underwhelming appearing clients, who present at first blush very routine needs, often benefit from unanticipated assistance when I listen and look beyond our surface conversation.   This occurs frequently enough, that it occurs to me to be the norm of our profession, not the exception. 

Why:  These pages I devote to the looking and the listening, the upgrading of the skill level of our profession, and a place for helping new opticians find success.  These pages address the unique specifics of the required skills of our profession.  One page is specifically devoted to a review of the topics covered in the training classes I present.  One page contains links to relevant webpages.  But additionally I look forward to hearing your successes, and your thoughts, and including those with my own on these pages. 

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So Jeffrey, here is a beginning template.  You will see each of the links still works.   The titles would have to appropriately changed.  But notice there are 6 linked pages ready to fill in.  subpages & additional pages could be created if I can remember how.   And some of the pages have a background theme I haven't been able to make consistant yet.  Always a mountain to climb.  Some are big.  Some are little.