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The Valley of The Christmas Trees, a traditional style seasonal tale

Tales In Time, a three book, time travel adventure series


Tall Paul and Sally Malou, a whimsical picture reader for the very young

all stories are available in several file types from www.smashwords.com/books/category/61?ref=DavidRucker

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The stories are for children.  Children whose interests have matured beyond picture books.  They are light fictional adventure tales, but carefully developed around non-fictional accurate historical and science concepts. They find their history and science through time travel.  The stories are targeted to 9/10 year old readers, but, reading ability and interests span an exceedingly wide range,  therefore ages 6 to 12 may be the range. 




Attey's Song

from Tales In Time II, Event 7, Song On A Winter Day. Recorded by Julie Delaney


Hear Attey's Song MP3



   Internet addresses/Topic links are provided to allow further exploration of the historical and science references.  

Illustrations by Brenda Laster

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The Valley of the Christmas Trees

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